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Hi. I'm CK.

I started Mata Mata Media on January 1, 2018. Following a life long passion for creating artistic content; I developed this company in pursuit of doing what I love, creating content. I have been involved with photography, video, and music production for nearly 3 decades. I pursue perfection and quality with every project and will provide you with 100% of my abilities for each task.


I consider myself an ever learning student of these fine arts and am always interested in the next best way to produce a product. I can assure you that my company uses top of the line equipment and editing software to help you achieve any goal or dream you may have when it comes to digital assets. If you've used Mata Mata Media before, I am so grateful for your commitment. And if you're about to use us for the first time, I'm looking forward to being one of the most professional services you can find! Thank you for your consideration.

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