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When Will I Get My Products?

We believe in a next day turnaround and do our best to follow through with that commitment. However, there are variables that can extend the delivery of your product/products; for instance, if your appointment takes place in the afternoon your product will likely be delivered the following afternoon not the following morning. The size of your property may also affect delivery time due to a larger quantity of content to create. Appointments scheduled on Friday should expect product delivery as late as Monday morning. If you have ordered photos and video we will strive to deliver both assets at the same time but if that is not possible we will make certain your photos are readily available before your video.

Can I Get My Products Delivered Same Day?

Yes! You can add a RUSH UPGRADE to your order which guarantees your products will be delivered the same day as your appointment. Please visit our PRICING page to see additional charges that will be applied to your bill.

Do I Own My Products?

Yes! Any digital asset you purchase from Mata Mata Media gives you the indefinite right to use, reuse, distribute and even resell. Mata Mata Media owns the original rights to all digital assets. Mata Mata Media does not need consent to use, reuse, distribute or resell curated digital assets. By placing an appointment with Mata Mata Media you acknowledge these terms.

How Do I Access My Products?

When your products are ready you will be provided a link to a personal folder hosted on a cloud storage website. All of your content will be available for download in your folder. We encourage you to save the provided link so you can access your content at any time. We highly discourage you from sharing your personal folder link as they would have access to all of your content. When you're ready to share your content just download assets to your personal hard drive and then upload them to your respective sites.

Will You 'Photoshop' Things I Don't Want In The Photo?

Yes! We are skilled with Photoshop and are able to manipulate a photograph in many ways. We do have some legal guidelines to abide by when it comes to real estate photography; for instance, if there is a hole or crack in a wall we will only erase it if it's guaranteed to be repaired before the property goes to the market. We will look for small offenses like bathroom mirror streaks and furniture impressions in carpet and doctor them out. However, we do not erase furniture or appliances. Feel free to read through our BE READY CHECKLIST so your listing is ready for photo and video.

Can I Have Something Re-Edited

Re-edits will come with a fee so make sure if there's anything specific you want or don't want in your asset we are aware before we shoot.

Can I Request Specific Shots?

We highly encourage you to provide us as much information as you can prior to shooting so we can accommodate all of the specifics you're wanting. If we are not provided specific information before the appointment we will proceed with shots based on our professional opinion.

Are Aerial Shots Included?

Yes! We will always provide aerial shots with your package at no extra charge. The only 2 reasons that prevent us from flying are airport proximities and weather conditions that make our flight mission unsafe. All of our drone operators have active FAA, REMOTE PILOT CERTIFICATES.

Do I Need To Be On-Site For The Appointment?

No, as long as we have access to the location it is not necessary for anyone to be on site. We will always notify the client when we have powered down, locked up, and left the location.

Do You Have Supra Lockbox Access?

No, we will need access to a combo lockbox, hidden key, door code, or someone to be on site to open the door.

How Far Will You Travel For An Appointment?

We will travel as far as you need! However, there will be a travel charge applied to your bill for appointments outside of the Austin metro. Cities that we do not charge to visit are AUSTIN, ROUND ROCK, PFLUGERVILLE, HUTTO, GEORGETOWN, CEDAR PARK, LEANDER, and BUDA.

What's The Best Way To Book An Appointment?

The best way is by filling out our BOOKING REQUEST form. You can also give us a call or text at 512-788-3993.

What If I Need To Reschedule?

That's not an issue, we understand that schedules and life are constantly in motion. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please just contact us prior to your appointment. We will then provide you our next availability we have on our schedule. If we arrive to the appointment location without notice that the appointment needed to be rescheduled or canceled, you will be charged for 50% of the initial cost of your booking.

How Do You Accept Payment?

Once your assets have been delivered via your email provided we will issue a digital invoice that can be paid online with a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. We also accept payments via Venmo or cash provided on location. We do not accept checks.

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